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Satellite finder

¤Support DVB-S/S2,MPEG-2/4(HD)Satellite signal video decoding.

¤Multi-Function test DVB-S/S2/MPEG-2/4 signal, free channel analysis.

¤Multi-USB service, record, film, print-screen, Browsing function

¤Friendly user interface, signal analysis.

¤ Function: strongest signal locked and auto/blind/TP scan.

¤Show channel program image, strength, quality.

¤Find satellite signal quality display and alarm.

¤ Warning sound change: the faster pace, signal is stronger

¤Live FTA digital pictures and sounds.

¤Portable structure, convenient and safe.

¤Frequency range:950MHz-2150MHz

¤LNB power & switch:13V18V/22K / signal lock indicator

¤Input impedance: 75Ώ (F).     LNB short-circuit protection

¤DiSEqC:1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS   Build-in signal locked alarm

¤Build-in satellite finder management

¤USB upgrade: software upgrade etc.

¤AV output (video/audio output other TV/Monitor)

¤HDMI output:576i,576P,720P,1080i,1080P HD signal output


¤Build-in Lithium battery can work around 3-4 hours

¤Remote control function(optional)

¤Build-in lamp and LED back-light under the keyboard

CCTV Camera (Analog Video)

¤Support Video & Audio &DC12V power test

¤AV Input (on AV state;TV state is AV output)

¤With DC12V power output to CCTV

¤Battery play time(AV input): about 10 hours    

¤Build-in speaker  


¤4.3high-resolution digital display LCD( LED Back Light)

¤Dots pixels:480*272(391680Pixes)   

¤Color system: PALNTSC

¤Protective glass on LCD panel

¤Trestle on behind the machine

¤Battery indicator light show

¤Lithium battery: DC 11.1V 2600mAh(build-in)

¤Input voltage:DC13.5V  1.5A       

¤Output voltage:DC12V 


Accessories :

              1:  Adapter  
              2:  Car Power

              3:   LNB Line  

              4:   DC Line

              5 :  AV line 

              6:   Giftbox  

Packing List

Product Size


Net Weight

528g (including battery pack)

Gift Box size



10 pcs/ctn

Carton size(mm)